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PinePhone stuff 

Not had too much time to try it so far, but UBPorts is pretty nice. The UI and the web browser are impressive. It's a bit locked down out of the box though, I'd like to be able to install normal packages without jumping through hoops.

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Why the Fediverse is significant, beside privacy 

Because big corporations are not forever.

Say about them what you will, but there IS a value in social media, they do satisfy the need, they do scratch that ancient itch of human beings to hear each other and be heard. They do it quite perversely, as a side-effect to filling their shareholders' pockets, but still, as a matter of fact.

The corporations though, do close down for all kinds of reasons.

There was a time before Twitter. Someday Facebook will disappear. Someday, YouTube will go dark.

The Fediverse, in this sense, is a toolkit, that will allow people to rebuild the Internet as we know and love it today in the future, when most companies have gone extinct.

The Internet is not a thing that "just is", it's "what people do". The Fediverse recognizes and embraces this fluid, dynamic nature: every now and then there's new servers that pop up and old that ones go down. It's not really a big deal around here. And it's... beautiful?

My shipped! Time to hurry up with my plan to learn GTK 😊

The second idea i had for "Celestial" last week. I hadn't intended to animate it, but I couldn't help myself after finishing the static version.

#pixelart #space #SciFi #MastoArt

There's over 1,000 games and other goodies in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. All proceeds go to NAACP Legal Fund and Community Bail Fund. ONLY A FEW HOURS LEFT!!!

#mastoAdmin #meta

Hey everyone, we need to talk a bit.

Words have meaning. Here, we expect you to use the meanings which afford others respect.

"Guys" is NOT, I repeat, NOT universally "gender neutral" or work-appropriate. It is slang.

I will ENCOURAGE you to not use this word for mixed groups. Better, non-contested options exist. Unsure of some?

I will REQUIRE you to stop using it when someone asks you to. Not to "debate" with them, but to immediately comply.

uspol - - - - - 

This Trump speech is I think his most authoritarian to date and that is saying something. It's terrifying. He just promised to deploy the US military to any city whose government does not deploy "overwhelming force" against their own citizens. Even as an empty threat it's terrifying

Last week I fixed up my sky shader to work with spherical planets, and I worked a bit on the type reflection system that I have.

Today I fixed some bugs and did a first attempt at procedurally spawning objects on the planet surface.

Feels like this little project is finally starting to have cool things to show 😊

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Excellent post reflecting on the design and success of the Ninja build tool, from its original author:

boring game programming 

Next up I've been adding to the basic UI tools in the project, making them support different aspect ratios correctly. Doing this because I want to add proper mouse input to the UI and should probably make sure it works if someone has a weird monitor

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boring game programming 

Back on the personal project today. I had to fix a nasty bug where random triangles were sometimes appearing in the terrain, which only appeared on my laptop, and only after upgrading Ubuntu versions.

Turned out I was passing "size of elements" somewhere OpenGL was expecting "number of elements", but up until now on different PCs and OSs this bug had been producing no visual artifacts 😭

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My favorite thing on mastodon is when people are nice to each other just because it’s a nice thing to do

I'm using Syncthing to sync my files but I need a way to do offsite backups. I have a Dropbox but I'd prefer something more open/secure that I can automatically backup to. Do any folks have a service they'd recommend?

Wow, I keep getting submissions for media that has been evaluated by the Queerbait-Tragicqueer-Straightcomfort Test

Thanks, whoever you are!

No programming today, but here's a post I wrote and never got around to publishing, about implementing collision detection. Hopefully someone finds it vaguely useful

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