@dulsi @zinnschlag I'm the biggest defender and fan of open-source (as I also build with and for open-source), but I'm not that optimistic about Mastodon.

@Cheeseness @lertsenem Same! Using Godot since 2018 and every single time the scenes changed I would rage. That's why I finally fixed that behaviour.

@zinnschlag Yeah that's the thing I see. A lot of people wanted to come after the Elon issue, but it was just on the heat of the situation. The chicken and egg problem persists.

@jb I didn't say that because I want to see the "likes/stars", just because it felt it was posted on a void. It does actually costs time and attention - unless I find a way to cross post. Then of course I'm fine posting in multiple locations.

What a contrast. This post had almost 100K impressions on Twitter. I don't know the stats here, but considering only 3 stars, I'd say almost no impressions.

Dunno if it's worth spending the time and energy posting here and on Twitter at the same time.

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In this episode of the Indie Gamedev Podcast, interview with Phil Strahl (Pixel Prophecy) about his legendary Ludum Dare Game Development Documentaries, creativity, and more!


Now OPEN-SOURCE! Dynamic Inventory System & UI for . Fully dynamic, infinite scrolling, item categories, equipment slots, w/ item database:
👉 Github: bit.ly/GodotOpenSourceInventor

📕 Part of my 10h Godot UI Masterclass course. Learn to build from scratch: bit.ly/GodotUI

@mcoorlim And FotoSketcher results are better than Topaz Studio. Thanks for the recommendation.

@Yin I'm curious to see if it will work for you, marketing wise. 🤔

Unfortunately TikTok is the most annoying (nonsense? useless?) thing ever for boomers like me. Plus both the app and the website are super bloated. I also tried to get the hang of it... but I simply don't see the value.

@mcoorlim I really recommend Topaz Studio 2, which can make 3D renders look hand-painted (you need to tweak the filters, but then it works amazingly well). For example, to the left my 3D render and to the right I added filters with Topaz (the image to the right uses a render from another angle, but it's just to show the idea)

It's worth mentioning that I have way too many side and personal projects, as I like to experiment with every possible tech, engine, language, tool, etc that I can find around. From code, to art, so on and so forth.

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Hi, my name is Alfred R. Baudisch, originally from 🇧🇷 , but living in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 Denmark for almost 4 years.

I've been a software developer and architect for a looong time (since 1996). Currently working in Agrotech with Elixir and Phoenix.

I do a LOT of Gamedev, Open-Source and Digital Art experiments.

I have a Gamedev YouTube channel with almost 20K subs, and I published two courses.

You can check my links here: linktr.ee/alfredbaudisch

Learn and GDScript in-depth, how to create complex UI, dynamic systems w/ a database of items and custom resources with my new course where we build the Zelda Breath of the Wild Inventory screen from scratch Get it on Udemy, Skillshare or Itch alfredbaudisch.com/projects/ed

BIG NEWS! I'm writing a book about developing Business Software, Mobile Apps and Tools with the Godot Engine! If you want to be notified about updates, early access and more, follow me here and join the waiting list for the book bit.ly/GodotBook

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