What a wonderful view 🌕☄️
⚡️ CLOUD ESCAPE Patch 2.0 is coming soon! ⚡️

Cloud Escape 2.0 will feature at least 14 new unlockable achievements! ✨
⚠️ Beware, the screenshot may contain spoilers ⚠️

The keepers of the tower 💀
⚡️ CLOUD ESCAPE Patch 2.0 is coming soon! ⚡️

Hey, !

CLOUD ESCAPE is a challenging 3D precision platformer.
A free update “The Tower” is coming soon!

🔝 Reach the top of the tower
🤖 Face uncountable obstacles & foes
✨ Collectibles & secrets
🎮 Or just play the original map!

Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/173

Oh, look who it is: The mobile jump pad... ahm... I mean... It's Spinny Boy! 🌪️

Meet Lil Boom! The little explosive box that gets mad as soon as you wake it from its slumber! 💤

ICYMI: Devlog #9 of my indie game Cloud Escape is now available on YouTube!
It's a very special one, featuring all enemies I've planned for Tower Mode ✨
Also a lot of tech stuff like enemy behaviour, line of sight detection and more!

My new about ENEMIES is now online! ✨
I hope you enjoy the ride! 😊
🎞️ You can watch it here: youtu.be/9dGo94wAjNc

I'm giving away 3 Steam Keys (PC) for my indie game ☁️ Cloud Escape ☁️ in May.
⚡️ Coming soon: Patch 2.0 with a new game mode and a completely new map. Stay tuned!

Sup y'all? My first toot! 👋
I'm an indie from Germany. I recently released my first “Cloud Escape” on Steam :)

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