I have been eating and napping non-stop for 2 weeks. Here is a random picture of me trying to make the same face as this decorative mask.

I have found an ancient grimoire that I had left at my family's place since college. No Quixel/Substance, just Photoshop filters.

My family's place has a possum that likes to come and visit. (You can hear them in the background basically saying that it's as big as a cat.)

If you know what to look for, world maps can get political real fast. 😆

People seem to enjoy my watchposting, so here's a picture of my favorite daily driver. I grabbed it during the pandemic to reward myself for my patience and resilience. I never get tired of it.

My family likes to collect watches. Got this wonderful gift. ❤️

I'm always super paranoid about public USB outlets. Sure my phone will ask me for permission if it's seeking to access data, but why risk any of it? I don't even connect to public wi-fi. The traditional outlet will keep on living forever, with its many different standards.

Just got a cool gift basket earlier today from my GDC advisor. Cheat day is upon us. 😋 Thanks Veer!

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