Ugh, so this Mastodon instance seems to be getting ~30 "fake" new users every day, and some of those end up posting spam. Are they trying to do a DoS attack on me, or what.

Really wish for some less-clicks user suspension / spam clearing tools in Mastodon right now :|

@aras I've stopped .co, .pw and am thinking or blocking .ru in the email blacklist.
All the domain are pointint at a yandex dns and the same mail server too (I wish I could block based on that).

@kyzh flat out blocking all Russian people would be a bit sad though :(

@aras very much so, hence I didnt do it yet.
Instead the instance is closed for the week end because I dont have time to do moderatio.Not too sure it is not much better :/

@kyzh ouch, that sucks too. For me it's not so bad... yet. But if I'll have to do this amount of moderation for eternity into the future, it will get "a bit" boring, to put mildly.

@aras there's a bunch of spam accounts signing up at all instances over the last few days.

Some block methods for this particular wave in this thread:

A more permanent solution is yet to come.

@aras ugh, spammers are the worst, wasting time for site admins and moderators everywhere!

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