@aras Ivan Sutherland called from 1964 - he wants his nested prefabs back :troll: .. srsly congrats to @Steenlund et al

@jakob yeah well Sutherland, Blinn & co have invented *everything*, so sure :)

@aras Love what's been done with the feature. The isolation is great, as well as the whole overriding part which I'm assuming was the most difficult part in nesting,but bleeds into normal instance/base stuff as well. Variants is a nice bonus as well. Now Scriptables can be used much better with nested structure as well.

@aras Yay! I hope this will apply to UI prefabs too, they're the ones I normally want to nest prefabs for the most and just end up duplicating everything because it explodes

@aras so it’s prefab nesting time again. I guess they should not be disturbed then

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