@aras - thx. but boost.asio - wtf. I couldn't read past that.

@jakob @aras What's the problem with boost::asio, or what would you consider as a good alternative?

@isidor @aras I can only speculate what Unity is using asio for - but in my experience anything boost is overly expensive in terms of code complexity, lines of code and compile time.

@jakob @isidor Right. I think it's used for inter-process communication stuff for the new/future asset pipeline code. I'd say that's overkill.

Case in point: just try to include asio.h in godbolt.org (not even do anything with it; just include). It times out. Compile times are important!

@aras the runtime performance of the C# versions would be an interesting addition :)

@aras this all hits the nail right on the head with major issues I've got with C++, although I have to say I've had a much harder time articulating it. I'm constantly running into these arcane solutions people have come up with, thinking "does nobody value simplicity? how on earth does this even work?"

@aras I'm part of those who believe C++ is beyond salvation. I can see why it is how it is, and I'm not so naive to think we're leaving it behind anytime soon, but I really hope more and more people start realizing we should do our best to move to a newer, less cluttered language.
Maybe Jai will never be a popular language, but heck it looks so promising to me, and I'm really looking forward to trying it when it's released.

@aras thx for your article. I agree with almost most of it.
For some time now there exists SG14 (the GameDev & low latency ISO C++ working group). But I don't know if they were able to change anything yet.

@aras Thanks for that blogpost, it really sums up a lot of problems, with some actual stats from somebody who actually has to deal with this professionally

Also congrats on the nice guitar, I liked the tokais I played :)

I dont know how long/much you play, but I found that changing pickups really make a huge difference, making a lot of cheaper guitars easily sound as good or better than the ungodly expensive lawyer things :)

@aras nice post, i agree with almost all of it.

at my workplace, i'm one of the only people advocating for more templatey-C++ style stuff, and even I found that Niebler's post quite hard to read. most of my colleagues are quite jaded/fed up with any kind of C++ that does too much 'magic' because it almost fails in unexpected ways.

build times are super-important too; recently i was asked to work on a project that involved repeatedly re-compiling boost, and was an awful experience all round

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