So! This instance might be moving to new servers soon(ish), since apparently it's running out of 100GB space for all the media or somesuch. If things go down for a bit, don't worry!

@aras How do you mean to continue maintaining it? Are you accepting donations?

@xananax I'm just paying for all expenses myself. Don't need donations.

@aras I'm just concerned that the server will continue to grow and that you will need help at some point without prior warning. I have no idea though and don't pretend to tell you what to do. Just a thought. I would be happy to help, if needed.

@xananax thanks for the concern! So far I think I can afford it, will ask community for help if I ever need it

@aras can't you start deleting images, which I suppose takes most of the space, after a certain date?

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