I had a dream where I was trying to come up with a new Mesh scripting API for Unity, and the major problem I was trying to solve, was that it's hard to make meshes out of non-English words; our API is too much English oriented.

I know what I'll be working on next!

@aras I personally think that it's interesting to see how programming would look like with less english involved.

I think quite different when talking english or talking german, I don't know if that would have any measurable effect on my coding, but it would be very interesting to find out!

@karroffel @aras
I have a faint memory of there being a programming language out there in Icelandic. Now I am tempted to try to find it!

@johannesg is it this one?

Either way, if you do find it and try it out, I would be very interested in your experience!

@aras I think we should switch to a fictive language. Write your game code in Klingon or Elvish

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