I tried my "toy path tracer" on iPhone 11 Pro, just for kicks.
- CPU multi-core 25.2 Mray/s
- CPU single-core 10.0 Mray/s
- GPU 90.4 Mray/s

Compare: 2018 MacBookPro 2.9GHz:
- CPU multi-core 64.5 Mray/s
- CPU single-core 12.9 Mray/s
- GPU 213.4 Mray/s

@aras Surprisingly close single-core results, considering that Macbook can boost to higher frequencies.

@aras Scary close for what must be an order of magnitude difference in SoC wattage (I guess that's what 8.5 bn transistors on a bleeding edge process buys you).

@shivoa is the wattage difference that high these days? My guess is that iphone might peak at something like 8-10W (just a wild guess). And a MacBookPro at... no idea. 35 or something?

@aras I was thinking MT is probably going to be thermally limited so eg 3-4W x 2 fast cores* on iPhone may not be able to sustain for entire bench. Meanwhile, Intel have shown willingness to boost past TDP (45W) with recent chips (assuming MBP cooling holds up) & will be trying to max out all 6 cores. Possibly similar story for iGPUs.
* guess based on

I don't know what an iPhone is like, but a lot of smartphone chips will go to 15W for brief periods of time. I think iPhone doesn't go so high. The way to test of course is to run the benchmark for a few minutes

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