Mornings! So this instance has been running for 3 weeks, reached almost 2000 people, and seems to be holding up nicely! Thanks everyone!

I wrote a "marketing" blogpost that I'm gonna spam everyone with now,

@aras impatiently waiting here for the tweet to retweet...

@aras it’s great that you decided on getting an instance up and running!

I’ve wondered what sort of features would be useful to admins managing an instance for a given community, like (for example) public pages that showcase community content in a meaningful way.

Any thoughts on what would be interesting for your community?

@sivy you mean as a features of Mastodon? good question, I haven't though about it yet. I'd like the default signup page show only local timeline, instead of federated one, for starters :)

@aras that's a good point, since the instance is what the user is signing up for.

@aras Thank you again for starting this and providing the impetus for a lot of people to indirectly improve their mental health.

@aras `Yes, the world might be on fire, and yes, we might be doomed`

You should read Stephen Pinker's amazing 'The Better Angels of Our Nature', it shows that we live in the best of times!

@tjheuvel I’ve read it! You would never guess that from social media though ;)

This instance is great. Biggest thing for me is no politics or related stuff, just stuff i want to read. Wish there was an instance that was generally programming related like this, not just gamedev focused that i could join too but not found anywhere i liked so far.

@aras thanks. I did have a look there and it does have what i want but it seems to drift off into being like Twitter posts too often. I guess i need to compromise

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