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Aras Pranckevičius @aras

Let's try some "we'll probably make it through 2017" gifts.

Do you need a book, a course, an app, a workshop, github account, hosting, or something else that would help you?

Something in $50-$100 range; ping me (direct message or email "aras at nesnausk dot org") and I'll try to do it!

@aras you are classy as hell man, i like your style

@aras I do not know how to ask for things but I'll try to share this to people who may be able to ^^

@aras Oh wow, personally would either ask for a physical book regarding C++ here or a very well made course on it. Either way, one of them is going to be a christmas present to myself over here.

@aras I mostly just want to know where to get a happy tiger hat.

@nulldiver I forgot where I got this one, but it might have been San Francisco, of all places!