Oh, Disqus got acquired by a “create, maintain and monetize customers, using people-based, precision marketing to provide customers with enhanced multi-channel marketing solutions to help them manage the full customer life-cycle” company. Brilliant! /me goes and removes Disqus integration from the blog ;)

@aras Can you export them somehow so the comments are still there?

@baldurk yes, and maybe I’ll get around to put them in somehow. maybe ;)

@aras thanks for the heads-up, sounds like I have my work lined up for me for the holiday!
We'd started removing Disqus from our devlog a while ago. It's time to finish the job.

@aras if anyone's interested in a Disqus alternative, I'm planning to build the comments system into our open-sourced solution enkiWS
We use enkiWS to power our website

@juulcat nice, looking forward! do you plan for ability to “just use comments”, without the rest of the system?

@aras yes, @dougbinks has some ideas to make it possible. You will need enkiWS on GAE as the backend.

@aras we could also look into providing it as a service, i.e. run the user db on a centralised GAE system we administer.

@juulcat @aras Yep we should be able to use JS to pull the html similarly to how Disqus works now. GAE is free to v.low cost. Might take time to get that part to work nicely though as login/post will take some extra work.

@aras If you find a similar system without the crap let me know, I'll need one for my own site as well!

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