Aras Pranckevičius

Unfortunately my experience as well; SourceTree performance became close to "unusable" around version 2.0 & later. Comparison video of 1.9.8 vs 2.6.3 by @runevision

@aras @runevision There was a huge performance issue when it first moved to version 2 & I kept using 1.69 (I think?) for about 18 months after that but I've been using the latest version of source tree for at least the last 18 months now & it's fine. If the performance is directly related to the number of files in the repo I can see how a big repo could get unusably slow though...

@darbotron @runevision @aras V2.0 SourceTree on Windows is so slow for me that it takes minutes for most actions.

@darbotron @runevision @aras We have a fairly slow internet connection, and projects with many submodules. Sourcetree seems to spend a lot of time downloading history from server, and is unresponsive during that time,

@dougbinks @aras @runevision Yeah that's kinda poor. You'd think they would have addressed these issues at so much negative feedback...

@darbotron @runevision @aras I'd love to see a fix as it's the best UI of the ones I've tried (though I preferred the original).

@aras @runevision Wow! It has become unusably slow for me as well, but I thought that was just because our repo has grown so much. Sadly there's no alternatives with a pleasant UI, so I mostly use hg on the command line these days (but fall back to Source Tree for reviewing complex diffs). Maybe they should add a feature to send me an email when the window has finished drawing?

@jonas I used to use SourceTree too (for git). I tried a few alternatives and settled on Git Extensions.

@AnomalousUnderdog we use mercurial, though, which has a much smaller selection of tools than git.

@aras @runevision it's just to make you think it's doing loads more then the previous version.. why else would you upgrade?

@aras @runevision
I recently started using GitAhead. It's the only one that has the features and the performance. It's not perfect but definitely better than the alternatives.

@aras @runevision @noidexe
SmartGit is my go-to tool when it comes to VCS management. It does support mercurial as well, although I used only with git. It is both fast and multiplatform.

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