Aras Pranckevičius

Looks like today or tomorrow might be twelve years of me working on Unity! A lot of things have happened in that time, and a lot more will happen in the future! <more inspirational writeup goes here>

@aras wow I think you got enough experience to be a unity developer at most of the places I applied to last time

@hellojed I have very little of actual "using unity" experience though :)

@aras Congratulations, hope the upcoming years are positively exciting and equally good if not better :)

@aras That's amazing man, should have been amazing to see an engine growing up also by the fruit of your labour. :D

@aras Congrats! You made one of the most used and useful software, it's quite a feat.

@aras @ocornut Yeah, thanks so much! My first EVER real paid job was Unity contracting. Then Unity, Steamworks .NET and Unite together basically jumpstarted my career. Things would be VERY different for me today if it wasn't for Unity.

@aras Impressive! Build system stuff still - or back in gfx? new things?

@jakob yeah still build stuff, turns out plenty of work still left, and I haven't even spent a year on that yet :)

@aras congrats dude! that's a long time. My longest time at a company was 8 years at FreeStyleGames which I was a founder of - I've now been freelance as long as I was there ;)

@aras congrats! wow 12 years at a single company is not something that you see a lot of these days (I guess that says something about unity ;p)

@logicalerror thanks! or it says something about me, eg that no one else wants to hire me ;)

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