Aras Pranckevičius

While working on build time optimization one ends up spending a lot of time waiting for things to compile (to check build performance), so while watching the progress bars I crunched some numbers of "how much code" I've done in year 2017!

* 1716 commits (7.6 per workday)
* 96292 lines added, 175256 lines removed (avg 350 lines removed each day)
* Landed code to "production/trunk" 118 times (avg every 2nd day)
* 6 weeks vacation \o/

Not bad here, 2017, not bad.

@aras those are some impressive number. I especially like the avg 350 lines removed per day, well done!

I've found a high rate of commits per day is difficult to keep up because of latency with code reviews. How are you handling that?

@jon_valdes I dunno. We review pull requests, not individual commits. That said, I'm landing a PR every 2nd day, so somehow both review & builds/tests pass on them. I guess wonders of a small team (internal build system) where review overhead is small too?

@jon_valdes that, or maybe no one *actually* reviews my PRs, they just click "approve" :P

Ok, that makes sense.

Oh, how I wish we used a VCS that allowed for that workflow, instead of P4 🙄

@aras You managed to remove almost twice the lines you added.
"Not bad" is an understatement considering the usual case is the reverse.

@aras Nice. Just checked mine - +104533/-147594 in 1243 commits - happy, and a bit surprised, to see that I still removed more code than I added. Though not as much as you did - the only number I can beat you in is vacation weeks (took some saved weeks over from last year) :D

@aras how did you measure number of PRs to land in trunk, though?

@jonas GraphQL in Ono, that gives all PRs with me as author, plus their iteration info, and manual munging to get rid of PR iterations (a bit involved)

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