@aras Hmm, I enjoyed it, but it seems a bit like a rationalization for writing Yet Another Yet Another Thing, thinly veiled in gauzy language.

While I accept that it may not be possible to create a single thing that's suited to all use cases in its domain (e.g. programming languages), I feel like we're generally a bit too eager to create a new thing of our own, particularly in domains we feel should be "simple", like code editors or build systems.

@Tak knowing what he writes about in other posts, I did not read this as "hey, an excuse to write something!", but more like "ok so *whyyy* everyone is writing something new all the time? well maybe it's because of this. maybe?"

@aras "Every new programming language is destined to play just two notes of the chord, never the third" - Huh? Have you used C++? It lets you play all 12.

@realkiran More like, it's a 12-string instrument, and allows you to play any number of them, yay! But the strings are all out of tune :)

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