Windows Runtime (aka UWP) was supposed to be modern API without any of <windows.h> horrors. It has new horrors instead! For example, this code does not compile.

@aras wow - that effectively means using whatever::Plane in all code including the header - if i'm reading stackoverflow correctly (the `typdef struct X X;` thing)
- s.a.

@aras I haven’t tried UWP, but I’m curious whether it is C-accessible. I was able to forward declare Cocoa and Metal APIs in C++ (no Objective-C syntax) via the C-based Objective-C runtime.

@aras IIUC, the WinRT headers you’re wrangling are C++, not C++/CX as I initially thought. Gives me some hope.

@bitshifter Agree. There's no other way to get to some stuff however (e.g. Hololens) :(

@aras @bitshifter Get someone to wrap it up and hide it from you behind another abstraction :P

@aras I saved myself all those troubles and ditched Windows 8 years ago! :)

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