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Aras Pranckevičius @aras

Ok, here's the game we did with my 8yo daughter this weeked at (almost) GGJ18: and trailer at

It's "almost at GGJ" since my daughter got sick Friday evening, and we actually made the game at home, did not even bother to register it properly etc. :)

@aras The sound effects are great! 😂 Super charming 😊


I just realized I only know about graphics stuff, and would have absolutely no clue as to how to start doing any gameplay in Frostbite.

Do you keep up to date on that kind of stuff on Unity, or is it mostly all new to you too?

@jon_valdes I used to know it quite well a few years ago, now much less. But it’s also quite possible that unity is easier to grok than frostbite ;)

Great stuff. I love the pose of the rabbit when it ignites a train!