@aras That sure is good stuff - finally shipping. A nice mix of really powerful concepts. I hope it's rock solid!

@aras resisting the temptation to not change/refactor/delete some (widely used) code for the 'better' is one of the hardest things in software development :)

Also, looking forward to the ECS and job system in Unity, that will make it so much more attractive for creating simulation-heavy games.

@aras That's definitely pretty cool stuff :D

I'm quite excited with everything that's cooking up in the game engine scene as a whole, I find there's a good vibe for innovation in 2018.

@akien @aras True, Unity's getting pretty nice features ! Your team did a great job :)

@aras For me, getting Probuilder is the biggest burst of awesomeness I can think of. I've tried and failed to learn blender a handful of time. Meanwhile I did a fairly good looking scene (considering I have no art skills at all) with nothing but unity cubes and free textures and a free asset (screws! ). And I couldn't help thinking so many times.. if I just had some more modeling tools in unity :D

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