@aras My congratulations with new achivements!

But when I read about what are you doing there and than look at my projects, I feel like shit :c

@danylo_rudenko I was not (directly) involved with any of that. What I did this week? Updated Visual Studio 2017 from 15.5 to 15.6, and tweaked some UWP build scripts. Exciting, right? :)

@aras does it mean Unity will start to compete with Blender?

@minitrope You mean for making realtime movies, or...? I admit I'm not very familiar with where/how Blender is used there.

@aras yeah for animated movies. Blender does not render in RT though, that's why I'm asking.

@minitrope oh Unity would not be used for modeling etc.; e.g. here they probably used Maya. But setting up materials, lighting, post-fx and whole timeline composition is really convenient when you can view stuff realtime or interactive.

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