Daily Pathtracer, Part 5. Let's make a naïve, suboptimal, port to GPU via Apple Metal instead.

Next up: I dunno, maybe a DX11 GPU implementation?

@aras Funny i've also noticed that the MacBook pro integrated intel gfx is running OpenCL code faster than the dedicated Nvidia card. ram / bus / contention ?

@jakob that's my takeaway from other benchmarks too; the Intel one is actually *better* at computing power, it only is slower if bottlenecked by memory bandwidth

@ScreennameTaken in my experience it just is (on some other workloads too). According to the internets, it can do more "math" indeed (Intel Iris Pro: 832 Gflops, GeForce GT 750M: 722 Gflops). It doesn't have that much memory bandwidth, so YMMV.

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