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Aras Pranckevičius

Today is a good day. DX11 feature level 9.x is the worst/leakiest "abstraction" ever, and only needed on old Windows Phone devices. Good riddance. Let's see where this goes :)

Windows Runtime (aka UWP) was supposed to be modern API without any of <windows.h> horrors. It has new horrors instead! For example, this code does not compile.

"I told the internet I’d buy books and stuff for people, and you won’t believe what happened next!", or a writeup of a holidays gifts giveaway

I like Mercurial. It should be talked about more; instead of everyone talking about git only (when they aren’t busy talking about blockchains, that is). Let’s do more Hg marketing!

So, a bunch of Alembic integration improvements were done for Adam parts 2 and 3 demos. Here's a blogpost on those, and the code is in the branches of this github repo, I think.

My kid said it's nonsense that Thresh from LOL is not a Star Guardian, and so fixed it up.

Speedpaint here

You know WinDirStat, utility that displays nice treemap view of folders/files on Windows? Just found altWinDirStat that does exactly the same, except like a zillion times faster.

Slack says these are emojis I use the most. All pretty good, I think! Wondering *how* OpenGL got so high on the list though :)