Ok, so HBO Chernobyl is the greatest miniseries of all time.

Fun fact: some of the KGB prison scenes were shot in the same building as what Unity Kaunas (first non-Copenhagen R&D office!) was back in 2008. It was not fancy at all, back then we had no $ okay? :)

I made a toy path tracer for triangle meshes. Used it as an interview task ("make the initial version faster!") github.com/aras-p/ToyMeshPathT

So! I'm told there's a Unity build with raytracing (DXR) goodies, i.e. HD render pipeline with optional raytracing for various bits. Here on github: github.com/Unity-Technologies/

Whoa, looks like I've been in build system team for two years already. Time flies! Here's a blogpost, with some neat tools we've built. aras-p.info/blog/2019/03/08/Tw

Intel's OpenImageDenoise, an open source denoising library (currently CPU based?) is out! openimagedenoise.github.io/

Kinda tempted to try it out on my toy path tracer :)

I added flame chart profiler output option to Clang, so I could see where exactly time goes while it's compiling. Already found some good stuff! Here's a blog post with info aras-p.info/blog/2019/01/16/ti

I made a blog! Where I (again) rant about lack of "where did compile time go?" tools in C++ compilers, and end with a cliffhanger. aras-p.info/blog/2019/01/12/In

"Visual Studio IDE is just fine being a 32-bit process", they said :) And now it doesn't have enough memory to *close itself*.

Sure, I am working with the solution that contains whole llvm/clang source code, which is massive. But still!

Direct3D team decorated their office wall with 402 GPUs spanning 35 years of graphics hardware evolution. Nice! blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/direc

Looks like in 2018 I managed to delete more code than I added. Happy with the general downward slope. Gotta delete more :)

The most excellent and lamentable tragedy of Flat UI Design, in two acts.

I updated my toy path tracer Unity C# Burst code with a 4-wide HitSpheres implementation. PC 84->133 Mray/s, Mac 36->60 Mray/s. aras-p.info/blog/2018/10/29/Pa

Is good Friday. Removing github.com/aras-p/hlsl2glslfor and github.com/aras-p/glsl-optimiz from Unity main codebase, since we stopped using them a while ago. They served a good purpose between 2010 and ~2017, but time to let go.

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