Guess 2 

Nice to see git addressing some of command line complexities. "checkout" command is way complexicated, the new "switch" and "restore" make sense.


Guess correction 



@patrickmcurry a bunch of command line tools (curiously all written in Rust!): ripgrep, fd, loc, hyperfine.


I never thought I'd see "There is a lot of goodwill towards this system" used to describe JIRA, but here we are.

@cidney @Alon I don't have any particular plans for other things on this domain. But "just put a peertube somewhere" is not the same thing as having indie publishers?

@mhutch aaah, heating, gotcha. thanks for the mini splits point, will consider them once (at some point) will move to a new house.

@mhutch 15kW -- whoa. what are you using that much for? :)

mine are 3.2 kWp which basically covers our whole electricity consumption. but of course if I had things like an electric car that would not quite cut it.

@mhutch more solar panels - nice! is it an elaborate saga to get them?

@patrickmcurry tried clicking somewhere, not sure if effective. looks like a bunch of mastodon instances are spammed by the same thing today.

@cidney depends wildly on a country. e.g. here in Europe everyone has (some) health insurance and some sort of pension thing... so yes, indies do too.

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