"An Introduction To Real-Time Subsurface Scattering" is a great overview of the techniques therealmjp.github.io/posts/sss

Ah yes I'll have the macmac + maccheese +cheesemac + cheesecheese

I just mistyped P4IGNORE as P4INGORE and now I'm wondering.

@shivoa is the wattage difference that high these days? My guess is that iphone might peak at something like 8-10W (just a wild guess). And a MacBookPro at... no idea. 35 or something?

I tried my "toy path tracer" on iPhone 11 Pro, just for kicks.
- CPU multi-core 25.2 Mray/s
- CPU single-core 10.0 Mray/s
- GPU 90.4 Mray/s

Compare: 2018 MacBookPro 2.9GHz:
- CPU multi-core 64.5 Mray/s
- CPU single-core 12.9 Mray/s
- GPU 213.4 Mray/s

@amonakov the two years from the original gamejam version to release, I guess

@jakob yesterday I did a "./ruin open pr" instead of "./run open pr"

Work on Lifetime by Emitter Speed module for particles is now done ™ and will ship with Unity 2020.1.

Work on Freeform Stretching for particles is now done ™ and will ship with Unity 2020.1.

I'll write about it more once Clang 9 is fully out (soon-ish), but here's a little tool I scribbled together: Clang Build Analyzer. github.com/aras-p/ClangBuildAn

Guess 2 

Nice to see git addressing some of command line complexities. "checkout" command is way complexicated, the new "switch" and "restore" make sense. github.blog/2019-08-16-highlig


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