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Aras Pranckevičius

@jakob yeah well Sutherland, Blinn & co have invented *everything*, so sure :)

@dantreble I’m quite happy I pushed for releasing the C# codez. Even if it’s embarrassing sometimes ;)

@KeefJudge I actually haven't done anything, it's whatever upgrades that @mastohost does :)

@rokups 🎶 it felt so wrong it felt so right 🎶

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Retrospective of a year writing C code again (for those not also on twitter):

@KeefJudge I don't see why that would disqualify. I'm not making games myself either! :)

Me: Why is the rain pink in this area?

N: I just assumed it was a shader error.

Pathtracer part 14: I made it run on iOS, both CPU & GPU parts. Some info on Xcode GPU performance tools, and a tiny bit of NEON code.

(definitely not daily :)) Pathtracer part 13: nice GPU thread group data optimization suggested by @gfxbean, and a quick realization that Metal IR is just LLVM IR.

@kyzh ouch, that sucks too. For me it's not so bad... yet. But if I'll have to do this amount of moderation for eternity into the future, it will get "a bit" boring, to put mildly.

@kyzh flat out blocking all Russian people would be a bit sad though :(

Ugh, so this Mastodon instance seems to be getting ~30 "fake" new users every day, and some of those end up posting spam. Are they trying to do a DoS attack on me, or what.

Really wish for some less-clicks user suspension / spam clearing tools in Mastodon right now :|