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Aras Pranckevičius

I'm so excited about what's coming to 2018 and beyond that I wrote a blogpost!

@yanko "ETA: in the future", I guess :) That is, I don't think I can say. Stay tuna!

@jon_valdes @sheredom the author has some quite cool details on the blog on what makes it fast.

@joravainen @abyrd
If some code's old
And it don't look good
Who you gonna call?

@jakob haha LOL. nope, a feature/platform

Today is a good day. DX11 feature level 9.x is the worst/leakiest "abstraction" ever, and only needed on old Windows Phone devices. Good riddance. Let's see where this goes :)

We shipped modding support for Hand of Fate 2, very proud of the team. You can even play the released game in the editor to test your content. Ask me anything about modding a unity project, it's all in my head right now!

@duckz some of us don't have such luxury :(

@khalladay AMD pretty much does not care (it's more or less exactly the same in hardware). NVIDIA prefers constant buffers (aka UBOs) in most cases.

See and (constant=UBO, structured=SSBO)

@shivoa Yes. Also, data set is fairly small and could be very biased (lacks many mobile/non-AAA data points). That said, I'm happy Raph is doing this; I think we need more analysis of industry trends etc that are focused on development side, not just "this console/platform will win".