This interview with Amandine Coget (@LiaSae on twitter) is great and touches on many important topics rarely talked about: onboarding, usability, grokking large codebases, backwards compat etc. Good stuff.

@shivoa ha, I did not even know it's possible for a company to opt out of that

So...Washed Up! is out NOW 😎

Scratch that block-arranging itch with a our environmentally-themed puzzle game, the first from our husband & wife micro-team. 20% discount in launch week!!

Please Boost :)

@sinbad .2 to .3 is expected to have more changes. .3 to .4 is where the 3 release becomes “long term support” one; much less changes

@sinbad .3 to .4 has very few, and very carefully vetted/tested changes, by definition

New blog post: Mesh Shader Possibilities! Or why graphics programmers have been yelling about mesh shaders over the last couple weeks.

@shivoa this has been an issue with nvidia GL forever too: it just gladly accepts a lot of nonsense, and does “something” with it

I did a talk on Entity Component Systems & Data Oriented Design for junior/future engineers here at Unity (not Unity specific at all). Slides: and toy project (C++) for it:

Me: I'm gonna do a quick talk about entity component systems and data oriented design for junior/future engineers here at work, gonna be fun!

Also me: spends 30 hours preparing said talk.

Now that looks interesting: Sublime Merge, a new git/merge client from makers of Sublime Text.

Zombie processes should have been called ghost processes.

They have unfinished business and can't move on until their death is acknowledged by their parents. That's totally ghost territory not zombie territory.

"Using Rust For Game Development" by Catherine West is amazing (and much relevant outside of Rust too)

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