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Aras Pranckevičius

I'd like to make leaving Twitter more convenient for anyone inclined to jump, and I've noticed one of the things that keeps me there is it's where a bunch of media outlets post and they don't run accounts here.

So I'm starting up a account that will toot out stories for people who want to keep up with industry news:

@hugo do they just use markov chain generator to write the articles?

"Number One / Another One" by Fairlight & CNCD from Assembly 2018 just blew my mind. Absolute masterpiece.

RenderDoc v1.1 is now out! This release focusses on improved API and OS support, as well as a boatload of bug fixes.

@merlyndmg here are some recent blog posts that talk about it (they talk about "compute shaders", but generally the same, especially branching/register/simd aspect applies to any shaders): and

@merlyndmg any shader code needs some amount of "registers" to store various local variables/values. GPUs have some amount of registers available (hundreds/thousands), and if shader needs less registers, that means more shader "instances" (pixels, vertices, ...) can run at the same time on the GPU. Thus improving performance and capability to deal with high latency operations.

@merlyndmg mostly depends on what sort of register usage both sides of the branch involve. branch itself is cheap, but lower GPU occupancy due to register pressure of code behind the branch might not be

@_discovery @shivoa most (all?) console platforms these days use something like clang/llvm as their compiler stack, so doing this *should* be way easier than ages ago when every console used their own weird toolchain that no one else has heard about.

@shivoa hmm. I wonder what is level of “exaggerate for dramatic effect” in there. If none, then sounds like all the circles of hell combined

Disney has released full data set of Motunui island from Moana movie:

Matt Pharr has an excellent blog series on making pbrt better at rendering it.

@aggsol @pixeldev I guess I'm missing some context. Enable RSS feeds where?

@aggsol @pixeldev not sure what I have to do with this :)

@jakob yeah well Sutherland, Blinn & co have invented *everything*, so sure :)