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Ok so looks like this Mastodon instance got upgraded to 2.1.0, which has "Lists" as the most prominent new feature. See here

Fingers crossed nothing else broke!

Oh, Disqus got acquired by a “create, maintain and monetize customers, using people-based, precision marketing to provide customers with enhanced multi-channel marketing solutions to help them manage the full customer life-cycle” company. Brilliant! /me goes and removes Disqus integration from the blog ;)

If you're into details, Alex wrote a long blog post explaining the work he did on improving crunch texture compression to be faster, smaller, and support ETC:

Let's try some "we'll probably make it through 2017" gifts.

Do you need a book, a course, an app, a workshop, github account, hosting, or something else that would help you?

Something in $50-$100 range; ping me (direct message or email "aras at nesnausk dot org") and I'll try to do it!

I had a problem with my bunnies standing next to plants and contemplating life instead of eating them. After some investigating, I discovered that they were just trying to eat themselves but not getting anywhere because bunnies aren't plants.

I just want to say that as a programmer with no artistic ability, I _love_ seeing artists showing off here. Don't be afraid to post unfinished work, a little technique, or something useless that you intensely admire. We will admire it, too.

Inspired by the awesome Dreams and Claybook, I decided to give SDFs a go, although I cheated a bit and rendered them in the gbuffer and let the renderer do the rest. I wrote a quick blog post about it:

This is 100% the best way I have ever seen to explain UV mapping to someone unfamiliar with 3D graphics!

Simogo, makers of some of the best narrative games on iOS (Year Walk, Device 6), is moving to consoles for their next project. Sign of times?

"In the Valley of Gods" trailer looks great (that hair lighting!). Firewatch was amazing, so looking forward to this

Not a bad choice of the engine too, but hey I might be biased there :)

A Hot Tip: when you've got a function with a lot of optional arguments, NEVER FUCKING ASSIGN THEM WITHOUT SPECIFYING THE ARGUMENT EACH IS MEANT TO APPLY TO. Use the argname:value notation.

In case you, you know. Change the function signature later, to add another optional argument.

Which you will do.


Ori and the Blind Forest. Here's how an early animation prototype looked like.

"Mitton's 5th Law: any new program requires 90% of the available RAM. This applies regardless of the RAM, the program, or what year it is."

So, a bunch of Alembic integration improvements were done for Adam parts 2 and 3 demos. Here's a blogpost on those, and the code is in the branches of this github repo, I think.

Mornings! So this instance has been running for 3 weeks, reached almost 2000 people, and seems to be holding up nicely! Thanks everyone!

I wrote a "marketing" blogpost that I'm gonna spam everyone with now,

It seems that this will be a Code Archaeology Monday, so here's what I found, at end of 2017:

"// After October 2011 the two next calls can be removed again."

"Trip down the GPU lane with Machine Learning", a gentle intro to GPU architecture and how it relates to Machine Learning performances, by Renaldas Zioma.

Mastodon is great, but if you're looking for a more immediate form of communication about development. You should come hangout with us on the Unity Community Slack instance:

Lots of helpful people to answer questions or to just chat.

I usually lurk in the -scripting channel.

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