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I've been playing around with Rust. It makes a strong case for itself (especially for the future of high-perf programming), even if the tools aren't quite there yet & the ecosystem is young.

Windows Runtime (aka UWP) was supposed to be modern API without any of <windows.h> horrors. It has new horrors instead! For example, this code does not compile.

I made small set of improvements to Header Hero tool, see -- might be useful if you work with large C/C++ codebases.

planks are also good to do while waiting for your build to finish, they build core strength

While working on build time optimization one ends up spending a lot of time waiting for things to compile (to check build performance), so while watching the progress bars I crunched some numbers of "how much code" I've done in year 2017!

* 1716 commits (7.6 per workday)
* 96292 lines added, 175256 lines removed (avg 350 lines removed each day)
* Landed code to "production/trunk" 118 times (avg every 2nd day)
* 6 weeks vacation \o/

Not bad here, 2017, not bad.

dear imgui: more r&d on virtual viewports + platform abstraction layer = magically dragging windows outside client area, creating display contexts dynamically etc. (there's still flickering on transitions).

The road toward turning all those r&d stuff (docking + magical platform windows) into a polished/shipped version is long but we're getting there. Probably half-way now?

My wife Marie also re-painted the crate textures & normal maps (she hand paints those with Sprite Illuminator). Almost wish we were making a 3D game to show them off (and my toon shader) better

Great writing by Bruce Dawson on the 360's CPU: "it’s still nerdy cool to see solid proof that instructions that were not executed were causing crashes."

I have just switched from sphinx/doxygen/naturaldocs to a simpler approach. Ty @aras and Morgan :)

"A little bit of floating point in a memory allocator" by Jonathan Adamczewski (twoscomplement)

Talks about TLSF (Two Level Segregated Fit) memory allocators, using float tricks to implement. neat!

part 1:
part 2:

Looks like today or tomorrow might be twelve years of me working on Unity! A lot of things have happened in that time, and a lot more will happen in the future! <more inspirational writeup goes here>

Wondering if there was a security thing with that wide-sweeping changes as /#meltdown; I don't remember any.

All OSes are scrambling to patch their kernels, browsers to patch their JITs and disable features (like threading), compilers adding flags to make virtual calls more expensive to mitigate, etc. etc.

Interesting and scary all at once :)

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