This one-shot has gone so hilariously off the rails. We spent the last half-hour repeatedly heckling a wizard. I just punched out the NPC we're trying to save from said wizard. It's going great.

Time for a very, very large battle.

Apparently the issue was that the precompiled binaries don't include llvm-config, which is required by the Rust binding. So now I get to build LLVM! This will be fun and not at all painful.

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Trying to use LLVM is introducing me to entirely new levels of angry confusion, so that’s nice!

It's been a while since I've seen an error message this confusing...why is graphics programming Like That

I’ll never forgive the internet for training a generation of artists and writers to call what they make “content.”

Boxes have contents. You’re a fucking ARTIST. You make ART. Own it.

None of my programmers accepted the need for a style guide.

So I sent snippets of each other's code to them all.

Now they all agree that everyone else should follow a style guide.

@Apoch I designed and am implementing a programming language...trying to combine a lot of the "kind" typing mechanics from languages like Swift and TypeScript with a more low-level/controlling approach to data (specifically for use in a game programming environment).

Wanted: A genre of games that feel like "dreamcast"

Not like games that would have been on that system (also cool) but instead games that embody the vibe of those words

like somebody went fishing for dreams and pulled out a game, and it's weird and unpolished and pointless and emotional

mobile clients 

@pfq I saw a review claiming that tootdon stores account info/messages on its own servers and nope'd out. IDK if that's accurate tho.

I also prefer dark themes so :shrug:

@pfq Tusky! It's the cleanest-looking interface I've found.


@gaeel oh yes, it's entirely possible from a character perspective. The real downside was that his stats made him almost entirely useless in any combat encounters, which put some pressure on the group dynamic IRL.


@gaeel probably the closest I've gotten to your "wrong place wrong time" archetype is Kevin the Tortle Wizarding Tech Support - his job is to go out and fix basic magical mishaps. He doesn't expect a lich to qualify as a "magical mishap" but
...whoops, guess he's an adventurer now!


@gaeel my friend rolled a folk hero fighter who'd actually never adventured before - he'd just made up all these badass stories about himself. Put all his stats into charisma. I couldn't have stood playing more than a session with the character in the party but it was great for a oneshot!

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