There should be mandatory user groups in mastodon, e.g. common, scientist, programmer, journalist, youtuber, gardener, politician and so forth. So that we can check and uncheck certain people to follow.

The way it is now is quite messy.

My Godot plugin Metadata-Inspector is now ready to use!

With it you can of course view and edit Metadata, yes.

But most importantly, it means you can most easily create arbitrary variables inside the IDE on every node - without using scripts.

This is a really important and essential feature, that is why I put a lot of work into this plugin.

I will soon put it on the Assetstore, but first I want to implement some more TODOs.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Isn't there a website just for shader effects, like there are websites for 3D models?

This is a Godot plugin I wrote, called metadata-inspector.

It allows you to view hidden metadata on every node, but most importantly, you can store custom variables directly in the IDE without any scripts necessary.

If anyone needs this right now, please let me know.

It is sort of almost finished, but I have sort of moved on to another project.

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