Hey y'all. I see some people are already using the service! Thank you for your quick response. If you run into any issues, please email or DM me. We can take a look at your issues ASAP!

I've also sent out some emails to some of you, check your mailbox, I might need your help

First few beta participants got their accounts! Really excited to see what you think of the platform!

If you wanna get started with ballparq, check out this guide over here: ballparq.games/docs/getting-st

I'm nearing the release of the beta. Hopefully I'll be able to send out the account logins later today! 🤞

If you haven't already sign up for the beta over at ballparq.games

Working on the of ballparq's plugin.
@godotengine@twitter.com strength of editor extension proves yet again!

The soft-launch is going great! Thanks to everyone that checked out the website and signed up for the beta, shows that people are really interested in a hosted service!

If you haven't, check it out yourself as well and sign up for the beta! ballparq.games

Hello world! First tweet, already set up the website. Been working the last few weeks hard on this project.

Ever wanted to easily push your project to the world with a simple push of a button? You can now with ballparq!

Check it out!

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