Hmm so a member of my team has a condition where magenta causes them seizures. To make the situation worse, our studio uses Unity, which defaults to bright magenta whenever a texture is missing. This is not something that can be modified at the engine level I believe. While this is a condition they are learning to manage, I still fear for their safety - is there a way to mute that color and nearby ranges at the OS level so that they can work in a safer environment? ICC profiles maybe??

@baltauger put a post process on the camera, and use the colour grading to turn magenta to grey.

It used to support direct CLUT, so it might be possible to fine grain remove specific colours in photoshop and export the LUT back to unity minus anything that causes the problem, but I’m not sure it still supports that. (Not used it in a year or two.)

@baltauger won’t help in the scene view, but will make testing safer in the game view.

@korruptor Thanks so much! I'll test that tomorrow and recommend it to them if it still works. They're a game designer so luckliy not meant to work with shaders/textures often, but when something unexpectedly breaks in a commit it can suddenly make their day much worse. ❤

@baltauger according to this the LUT is still supported:

So you just need to find a 256x16 colour strip and do a colour replace in PS. Fingers crossed, hope it helps them.

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