Some adults: "Noo you can't mix Playmobil and Lego! One is a collectible miniature doll line with lightly constructible sets and the other is a modular brick based construction system they're two totally different things!
Kids: haha imagination go brrrrr

November means only one thing: it's homemade panettone time! Made with natural levain so you need to be extra patient: 12 hours priming the starter, 24 hours of initial cold rise, then at least 12 hours until it rises high enough in the paper mold. After it's cooked it's also recommended to wait at least 24 hours before eating it so that flavors can keep developing and all the CO2 evaporates. Results tomorrow! @hob

extremely programmer photoshop skillz 

This is going... well?

So when I said I was going to make medals for my team as extra spice for our internal playtests I WAS NOT KIDDING FOLKS!

Balsa (❤️ ) prototype, varnish coat then silicone moulding. Then will come resin casts and final build!

When you work in a budding game studio in a non english-native country and have the temerity of delegating a seemingly simple task, this kind of stuff happens.

(Feel free to "Sing up" btw, you won't find this pic outside of mastodon and I promise the game is not complete shite.)

TFW you ask your concept artist to use actual female athletes from the last olympics instead of slutty strippers as reference for "female athlete of the future" and it totally rules

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