Today's : Character concept art for my personal project QUANTUM✽, her suit shifts colours based air contaminant concentration.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thursday from Turkey Griffin!

Trying to ease my way back into social media again...I'll try not to randomly jump into hiatus again 😅 Here's a sword I did a while ago.

Today's : Finished paint over of final city render, now onto another project 😄

Story in replies

Today's : WIP of paint over for the fourth city render

Today's : Finished painting over the third city render :3

Evening patrol of the city was peaceful as usual. We normally didn’t have any trouble, as the hooligans tend to come out at night. Thankfully, the HAI-II never assigned me there. Wrong disposition I suppose, but I don’t mind, it suits me just fine. Just another hour and I would be home and could warm up to a nice meal of InstaGourmetZ (33% faster than original InstaGormet!)

Today's : Learned to use some of Houdini's procedural stuff!! :D

Today's : still painting over the third city render 😄 not done yet, but hopefully will have time tomorrow to finish it!

Today's : learning some more Houdini, weird donut thing :O

Today's : Finished painting over the second city render! And a haiku:

blue mirror shining,
drowsy existence stares at
silent water’s edge

Today's : Finished the first city paintover, and learning some Houdini 😄 Spent most of the Houdini time learning UI and stuff...but I am excited to obtain procedural POWER

story for the city paint over in the replies

Today's : some city renders I still haven't finished painting over yet

Hello, I'm back after a long hiatus, here's some recent artwork :D

I've been really focused on improving my skills/finding a full-time job and my brain has been kind of bfffpt when it comes to game ideas, so I was thinking about turning this into a daily 3️⃣🇩 for now since I want to improve my 3D skills :3

"Captain...I'm feeling a little disoriented..." I complained feebly as she skipped merrily towards the structure. "Don't worry about it! It's just this planet's magnetic fields," she replied, with a tone that seemed to half-enjoy my misery. "You'll come to love this feeling eventually!" I wasn't so sure about that, but I steeled myself and dragged forward.

Gamgura has one of the oldest palaces in the universe, archaeologists believe it was used in later years to house the royal pets, who often lived in better conditions than most of the kingdom's citizens. However due to the frequent asteroids in the area, it isn't toured very often. Which is quite a shame really, as the guide staff are excellent and provided some of the most delicious snacks I've ever tasted.

The Kessian beaches became swarmed with tourists after their discovery in 298 SA, but they mostly clear out when nitrogen storms hit every midyear. At those times, I like to sneak gear from work to come here and enjoy the undisturbed view.

When the evening tides washed over the city, I peered out lazily from my single room window to the ground below. The quietness was eerie, all I could hear were the soft steps of people and the occasional buzz from the power lines.

[story continued in comments]

As much as I love my profession, coming back to this dreary city after a job always hits the hardest. It devours people alive. Growing up here I saw how harsh it could be, opportunities were scarce, the government was corrupt, and everybody was out for themselves. The fact that I had made it out meant that I was one of the lucky ones. I knew that on every expedition, if I failed on what was to be delivered, there would be no hesitation to turn me out.

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