Today's : Character concept art for my personal project QUANTUM✽, her suit shifts colours based air contaminant concentration.

@BiscuitQuiff I don't know the best subreddits, but I have seen some indie devs advertise translation jobs on reddit. Maybe try r/translator and r/gameDevClassifieds?

Happy Thanksgiving and Thursday from Turkey Griffin!

@Keliff this is super rad :0 what software/site is this?

Trying to ease my way back into social media again...I'll try not to randomly jump into hiatus again 😅 Here's a sword I did a while ago.

Today's : an educational fishing game where you catch fish by typing a word or solving a math problem within the time limit

Today's : a cooking FPS where you fill orders in time by shooting the correct ingredients flying around.

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Me and @banditjoj 's meka pilots. I had to do the nyah meme when I saw the ears. They just came back from a battle which is why there's band-aids lol.

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Although I love my country and admire the strength of our founders to rebuild after the Great Aboveground Disaster, I still wonder every night what a moon looks like…

Nestling myself into my favourite spot on the roof of our apartment complex, I gazed at the artificial stars. My mother told me that there used to be something called a ‘moon,’ which was like a very big star that hid itself and showed again over time. She said that they had tried to make an artificial moon, but it never looked quite right.

Today's : Finished paint over of final city render, now onto another project 😄

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