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@banditjoj Thanks! I based it off a goblin shop keeper monster I did earlier this year.

@pollomostro haha allllll the time mirror self is way more dashing

@lores I don't think there's any one way to act that fits for everybody, just act like you! :-)

@jeffrey hello :D ! Here's an apple pie as a mastodon warming gift 🍎🍰

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This goblin has seen his fair share of combat. The word "lose" is not even in his vocabulary; most words aren't to be honest.

@banditjoj Avoid touching any other letters than the target letter by jumping. When you've rested your brain enough you can end game mode and all your wild letters and perfect formatting will be tamed back to writing mode.

Today's : a game built into a word processor when you are so bored and tired of writing which turns the sentences and paragraphs into collision blocks. Outline Mode: battle against mini bots who move the formatting around and use you character to fight to keep and move the letters in place. Golf Mode: Use you characters like billiards and push letter into goal herds of vowels and consonants. 3D Mode: the letter bounce around but you have one target letter you have to catch. 1/2

Today's : a schmup like game, but the ship moves in different flower patterns each level with enemies coming in at all directions. Use the mouse or keys to aim lasers. You can buy boosters and shield with bounty rewards. By memorising the flower pattern the ship moves in, you can anticipate enemy trajectory and aim appropriately.

@lores I agree, a person should have balance in their friendships! I've been friends with people who I share no interests with at all and I think it has only made me grow as a person. Social media is a very hard thing to grow organically, so branding advice is probably not universal.

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Soft Hugs, the softest all-shrine maidens band 🎀🌸 #pixelart #ドット絵 #aftertile

@Styxcolor the fun way to pitch perfect!

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Today's : a sing-off duo game where each player starts a string and adds a note (button) each turn to make a song, the player then has to repeat the song back in the correct order. Slips or missed notes lower the rating from the judges. Finished songs get uploaded to a gallery! Hard mode: different types of note lengths, rest stops.

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ghost-whisperer ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳° #pixelart

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2018 entry by Nothke. Polar bears are coming to Iceland via giant icebergs from Greenland and the north pole. Try to catch them with your helicopter and a fish and transport them to Greenland.

@minitrope just a little internet fatigue! :3

@banditjoj and the F2P mechanic...purchase a golden sleeping bag for 5000 gems to drastically improve sleeping quality and gain a mana buffet