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I found a free box today and I picked up some sweet loot: rainstick, slick padfolio, and signed print by Henri Napartuk

Today's : Game where you control robot claws and have to peel various fruit and feed as many as you can to your human master within the time limit. Point grading based on how (un)smushed the fruit is and how well you feed the human. Bananas are easier to peel but harder to feed, oranges are harder to peel but easier to feed.

Today's game idea: dog barking mechanic where you have to relay and decode messages in a bark pattern to solve the mystery of who stole your bone. Some will lead you to crucial evidence, others to tough skirmishes. In L.A. Noire style you can interrogate the other doggies, but there's only one chance to confront the criminal, get it wrong and your doggie reputation will suffer forever...

Today's game idea: puzzle platformer/runner with lots of instadeath traps. There is a chicken that constantly walks forward, oblivious. Player objective is to use draggable platform pieces from a toolbox to block traps or manoeuvre around the chicken around them. Toolbox pieces are limited and disappear once off screen, but guiding the chicken towards collectables (corn kernels?) will add more. Maybe the toolbox pieces are in eggs laid by the chicken. I'd make it with cute pixel art.

Had a good conversation with my friend yesterday on how I feel my work is lacking something and we talked about me being more open with people and not restraining myself.

It is definitely a big goal this year to be more open to other people, so today I went to a local game dev meeting and had a wonderful time! I met cool people and played their games and some people played mine (got some great feedback on controls). I haven't thought up today's game idea yet, but I will before I go to sleep.

Good morning! I don't know how it's still snowing in March, but I guess that's how it is.

Today's game idea: Sleep deprivation simulator to highlight the ill effects of staying up too late. The game will start at 24 hours up and rapidly progress. The main goal will be to complete simple tasks but co-ordination will become increasingly difficult and vision blurred. Temporary blackouts may occur, closing your eyes can stave this off, but close them too long and you fall asleep and game over.

Was feeling anxious about life and things then I remembered to work out to let out energy. In the gym shower I had an idea a day. The best way to come up with good ideas is to come up with a lot of them!

Today's game idea: parkour mechanic where you play as a cat navigating the neighbourhood, main objective is to hunt the local birbs. Possibly educational on the damage cats have on avian populations? Imagining a bright and cheery aesthetic like Mario Sunshine.

Hello, nice to meet you. I've been sort of floating around the social media platforms and none have really stuck, and I found out about Mastodon and the concept sounded cool so I wanted to try it. The game I've been working on a lot lately is my personal game Cook Cook Boom!:

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