Made progress on my project! Went from 16x16 to 32x32 pixel tiles, added scrolling, and basic Tiled support. So far, extremely fun to tinker with this!

That awkward moment when you notice the SDK already handles tilemaps and your implementation is redundant...

Finally took some time to dive into the Playdate SDK, so refreshing having that much control over your architecture! (But still very much feeling my way around Lua a bit blindly)

Just read this whole talk by Meghna Jayanth and it was extremely interesting. If you are designing a game, or even just thinking about entering the game industry, it is a great entry point to make you examine how your work is going to fit in the greater cultural context.

Turns out, updating an VR project using a bunch of third-party plugins from Unity 2019.2 to 2021.4 is... challenging ^^; But getting there slowly!

Just spent an evening playing Until You Fall and Vader Immortal III (Dojo mode). What a workout!

I am *so* drained after all the back-and-forth that was required to get the pitch slides in shape. Now finding it hard to delve back into adding polish and features to the previous projects.

Writing a pitch deck is hard T_T Finding the right balance between sounding confident and not delusional/arrogant/hyperbolic does not come naturally to me...

Meet & Build, the Belgian game dev event, is back in an extended version. Who has ever been there? Will you be part of it this year?

New VGM cover up on my YouTube channel - Sailing (Another World) from Chrono Cross. Check it out, and please share it around it you like it!

Had our first brainstorm meeting for Project #3. So excited to get stuck in after pushing the also exciting content we have brewing for Panoptic out!

Definitely going to talk more about it when I can, but suffice to say that I am very happy tonhave submitted our studio's second game for QA approval!

Announcement should be coming soon(tm) now! And then many rants about building geometry every frame and other fun topics :p

I have quite a lot of experience working with and other software in .

Is there something y'all want me to give a quick guide / advice / tips on?

Let me know in a reply 🐘

Not sure if is a thing out here on , but I found some really nice acocunts on my first few days here:

@lampysprites is a really talented 3D modeler with pixel vibes to die for.

@BoterJan is making a really cool party game that's worth playing and buying.

@Indiegamelover is a really account to find other indie projects on the internet

and much more!

What are your favorite accounts to follow this week, let me know 👇

@cratesmith I just now finished moving my account to a new instance and before deciding to do that I was running into the same issue. Turns out you can follow Local timelines from any public instance! being one of them :)
I explain how here:

Ah, I guess there must be a better way to embed links, but better luck next time :D

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In case any on here has something to pitch, saw this on the "other site" :

(TL;DR : Publisher looking for pitches for 2023 !)

Build is due in 24h.

Fix one the 15 remaining bugs.
Find 2 more in the process.

Build is due in 23h.


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