I wanted to try out Unity's addition of Probuilder. (I'm a programmer who wonders if sometimes I went the wrong route)

So i made a stone bridge shape. Decided I needed land to go around it and got stuck in asset-land for hours. Finally pulled myself out with some sort of landscape and some trees.

Then I decided I had to dig into substance painter 2 to get the bridge looking ok. WHAT a mess. (total newb to sp2)

But... this: mastodon.gamedev.place/media/u

But now I want to think about this... if you have some player object and you have "bullets" incoming... how do you plan out where those bullets will be and where you should be to not get hit by them assuming some max speed...

Once again.. it's really hard to explain to my daughter why she can't have her favorite character in the my little pony game she likes (in-app purchases)

Random person I follow gave me an idea for the Neon thing. I'm not sure how far I'll get but it's a fun idea.

There will probably even be similar scenes...

I want to stream a lot of images on a single "canvas" to people from a regular (cheap) webhost.

First, I was thinking of giving them world coordinates and sending whatever was within a 3x3 square of screens (say 640x480 * 9) to them. Like what I would do for a 2d game with a scrolling view.

But now I think, maybe I could press it all down into a single image, split it into tiles and stream the tiles.

I don't think I can do that without bogging down the host.

Any thoughts/suggestions/qs?

Thanks for destroying my soul today.

I load up a project from a couple months ago and the UI is completely invisible.. things are broken... I don't remember if I left it in an unbroken state but I know the UI was fine.

*bash head into wall*

Slightly frustrated.. going to try the latest version in the small hope that will work... after that... make sure I have packages updated. after that... hit wall some more.

Also, can Unity's ml-agents AI be used to stop cheat-engine style hacking? I think it's something someone with more knowledge should look into.

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So with barely any knowledge left over from networking class and the low level computer class I took...

I was revisiting the cheat idea for games.

If I have a score board and I want to keep cheaters off, what if I did something like a CRC where any access to the score has to come with an access to change the error bits. (gah my vocab is gone)

So, if a cheater tries to change their score with a cheat engine, it will fail to change the error bits and the score will be dismissed as hacking.

I managed to put together a pick a name ui window... umm which is horribly sad that's all I got done today.

Then someone told me another game idea is good and they've never seen anything like it. (sort of)

So I just want to drop this one and make that one. UGH Not a good plan.

I thought "hey... why don't I try sticking some stuff on my github.. so I'll have something to show someone if they ever ask to see some code"

Therein began a several hour nightmare ...

I'm not sure what I did wrong.. but taking a project you've already made and trying to use Visual Studio to add it to github was a massive pain.

In the end, I just dropped out to git bash and found the right set of commands to get it working.

But OMG ugh.

Not sure how I got so little done today. I reworked the gui so all the pieces fit together. The colors are ugly.. but I'm a programmer not an artist. And I'm planning to hook all the pieces together so they act like classes. It seems painful but I think it'll end up being the easiest, best way to do it.

I'm so glad Unity has free TextMesh Pro :D

Crazy experience for me I mean. In terms of the actual job and compared to what I might have expected... it's pretty reasonable. 3 years unity exp. C# and C++ programming.

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*blink* Unity has a job in Detroit... sadly they're asking for crazy experience :( I wish I had the skills/experience for it... yum.


I want to be that person's assistant. I would almost be qualified for that ;) I'll work cheap! hah

I knew that wasn't going to work.. Mastodon has issues :P

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Hope nobody minds if I share this, I have no connection to these people... I'm hoping to win ;)

Dunno if anything other than the link will show... it's a christmas giveaway for the unity asset store.


Big chunk of work done on this clicker/idle game.

Now to play some LOL before sleeping.

Whyyyyy... I have an objec that I made into a prefab... when I change it then apply the changes, the changes do not stick on the prefab. *ARGH* :)

An issue I constantly run into when doing UI in Unity (ui newb.. in anything) is how to hook it all up.

I have a UI with multiple parts in it and I want to control those parts.. such as sliders and text and alphas. Anything I write will be bloated and barely readable.

Do I attach a script to a part of the UI? Do I just make a game controller and pop in the UI pieces?

Do I go CRAZY and script-instantiate all the UI elements? How do I get their positions right??? ARGHHHH


Our dog will probably not lose her leg. Vet said she was starting to heal. But she has to go in for a bandage change and laser therapy and another surgery when the leg starts healing up.

I know this is for game dev but I have too many ideas and nowhere to put them.

Need a chat bot that takes memos, attaches it to a word/topic and lets you recall them by asking after that word.

What made me think of it is I want to remember to never go to a hotel again. I won't mention the drama.. but somehow I always forget this and think a hotel won't be so bad.

@remember Don't ever go to a hotel again.


>Don't ever go to a hotel again.

Does siri do this kinda thing?

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