Check-list of my let s leave google challenge :
- email server up ans running thx to @yunohost
- nextcloud up and running on rpi
- server up for my fav game ost

Next step: migrate nextcloud to another server as rpi is a bit too slow

Thx @Framasoft for showing me that it was possible :)

@booblito @yunohost @Framasoft how do you synchronize your contacts? I'm looking into avoiding Google and Facebook services. I'm still running vanilla Android but I want to switch to lineageOs as soon as 16.0 gets released.

@razor @booblito @yunohost

We use nextcloud for synchronizing contacts and calendars (with DAVx⁵ for android devices synchronization).

@booblito @Framasoft @razor @yunohost
same here as well.. for almost 5 years now without any issues.. (owncloud at first - nextcloud currently). Works great, with lineage and any pc os, using mozilla thunderbird & addons.. :)

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