Hey power users! I've been working on a integration that connects any Notion database to your online calendar, so you can see your pages as appointments on your phone, laptop, smartwatch, etc.

Check it out here!

i just watched a wasp fight a grasshopper and take its head and fly off with it 🙃

for my followers in Groningen, there are several fascist “great reset” posters spotted around the city, you know what to do :)

seen my grandfather for the first time in three years and he’s already told me that i’m part of one of the biggest families rooted in frysia

every person i’ve ever met with my last name is apparently actual family, i just thought we had the same name 😅

my heart racing because i’m seeing my partner for the first time in months

apple watch: are you exercising?

i am no longer the only car person in a group, this is not a drill!!!

finally someone to nerd out with omg 😱

i want to take y’all back to the last time where i had “the drip” in this photoshoot with my twin sister 🤩 🪣 🐟

i committed the cardinal sin of having two dates back to back 🙈

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