I have quite a lot of experience working with and other software in .

Is there something y'all want me to give a quick guide / advice / tips on?

Let me know in a reply 🐘

@bram_dingelstad very naive question as someone who dabbled in "easier" engines and is used to web dev: is unit testing (or automated testing in general) a thing? Developing a game, not working directly on the engine at least

@bram_dingelstad Always interesting of people's approach to making bullet hells in Godot! Working on one on-and-off with a couple friends, and we're getting to the point where we want to edit patterns, and it's a tricky subject. Any tips on writing custom editors for complex objects in Godot?

@bram_dingelstad How are you liking Godot 4 so far? What's your favorite feature in it?

@bram_dingelstad I ALWAYS start projects and then give up on then. How do you motivate yourself to keep going? (I use godot too 😁)

@bram_dingelstad Another question: I've seen some open source game projects release their code under GPL or MIT, but the art is often released as Creative Commons. Is there a benefit to this?

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