genuine question: are you on this website because you like it and see it as a hobby or because it fills a need for you and you have the feeling you need to return to it

@bram_dingelstad not exactly an answer, but leaving Twitter made me realise how many of my posts were moans, sh*tposts, garnering likes etc, in amongst the actual creative posts, genuine convos and friendships. I definitely feel i "need" social media less now, and using Twitter as an "idle game" has stopped completely

@rich that sounds like a responsible way of transitioning away from Twitter for sure

i just feel like i need to use in order to be part of the gaming industry in any meaningful way & i find that a little unfortunate 😔

@bram_dingelstad ah yes, the pressure to network 😬- thankfully I don't have that from a professional point of view

@bram_dingelstad I am here because I like it. I have never had twitter or facebook etc. before - but I enjoy seeing what people are up too and their cool projects and recommendations.

@bram_dingelstad — both, I guess, if you mean a psychological need, but do I think being here (or on Twitter when I was there) would help my career or my wannabe career? Probably not. Mostly because I think that’s past saving at this point. 🤷‍♂️

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