got a new editor with a delightfully animated cursor that leaves small amount of ✨ pixiedust ✨ as it moves around 🤩

@bram_dingelstad Microsoft Office does something similar by default. I hate it.

@ozamidas it's called Neovide, it's a nvim GUI. so if you're not into vim, this might not be for you :(

(although i can thoroughly recommend nvim / vim if you're not!)

@bram_dingelstad as an emacs user this turned into an awkward conversation.

Nah joking, y may try it!

@ozamidas hahahaha, ooohh text editor discourse.

im fine with anything, pretty sure i would love emacs as well if i'd try it ;)

@bram_dingelstad I was the implementor of that effect (and all the other ones, unless someone added a new one recently), and it's still something I'm unreasonable proud of 😄

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that likes the pixie dust 🙂

@jon_valdes OH SUPER COOL! yeah, the pixiedust is a great addition to my day, makes me less bored and adds a little ✨ to my code that i otherwise would not have.

thank you so much 🙏

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