Another WIP of the bullethell game where your enemy is a company that pinkwashes in June!

(also all of their employees are rats)

anything is scarrier when you use a flashlight 🔦

we're moving onto furnishing the house, i've been adding all of the objectives in the game. 💪

next up, more AI work for the evil thing that'll chase ya! 👻

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Made a small little loop, it's just adding content from this point on!

(includes any % world record speedrun 😂)

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Another update:
🏠 the map has started being greyboxed
👻 big bad evil thing is in development
👀🦻 the big bad evil thing can hear and see you

More tomorrow! Support the project by boosting / retweeting this thread! 🙏

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First few additions:
🧎 crouching
🪓 simple item system
💡 light occlusion

also: if you would like early access to this game, maybe think about supporting me 🥺👉👈:

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The stage is set..
for something, spooky 😱 👻

Escape from a Finnish folklore monster during mayday celebration.

I'll be doing a mini devlog 🧵 this month. Follow for more! 🙏

Working title: Perkele

Tweaked the player controller, made a little map and added an endpoint. Added a cute lil' transition as well.

Need to implement coyote time next. And then *the mechanic*

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GIFMaker is available on 's AssetLib so you can easily try it out yourself!

Let me know what you think fellow folk!

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YueScript is _awesome_, i also finally have a use for my domain: url shortner :)

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