Hey Peeps, if you're using and would like to sync with your Calendar on your phone, Google or whatever, check out my integration called Notion Cafe ☕️

It's in the last week of beta, sign up now and use coupon code BETABESTIES to save 33% 👀

calendar.notion.cafe/get-subsc ☕️

to celebrate soup season, i enjoyed some squash soup today. it was pretty nice

Nearing completion on my sideproject, got through another round of interviews 😊

shits about to pan out hopefully 🤞

its so nice since my partner started working, i love just waiting for them to get home and talk about their day 🥰

applying for jobs at indie studios is fun because sometime they give you free games 🤩✨

trying to implement Notion's filter system as a UI system is fucking complex wtf

it's crazy to be nearing 300 users! it's nice to see a project grow and see people around the world use it :)

(not exact locations, but of the nearest data centres)

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