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I'll also will be asking more frequently for y'all to visit ✨ ✨ in order to support this style of development

Thank you for your time, here's to hoping this all works out! 🙏🙌

Stay tuned!

YueScript is _awesome_, i also finally have a use for my domain: url shortner :)

Another addition! This time in ✨ 3D ✨

It needs polish, as you can see it has some weird frames in there. But a start is a start!

Check out GIFMaker for :

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good news: i got it to work! turns out there were some thread-unsafe APIs when trying to preview the GIF with these amounts of colors (probably a race condition)

imma put it with known issues for now!

Decided to post something about again!

Here's the trailer I made for my pitch sometime ago. Are you a publisher? Hit me up!

while working on my GIF maker project i accidentally made some really weird animated LSD croissants

soo uuhh, bone apple teeth?

i want to start a gamejam called "Working Class History Gamejam" where we just make games based off of awesome people like this

here's the first 3D render to GIF! Ran into some issues though, since I wanted to color Suzanne (the mesh is called Suzanne) in the same way as the dots before.

however this seems to cause problems with threading? 🤔

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we got light! 💡

the metadata decodes in Godot as well, giving us GIFs as a storage format for other data!

don't just capture the action of a player, but perhaps highscores, level seeds, bugreports, etc.

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More icons for in the editor and finished encoding (save) data into GIFs when you render them in !

The data uses Godot's var2str encoding and str2var decoding to make sure that Vectors, etc get reinstanced

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Added a neat little Rectangle node that allows you to easily select what you want to capture in a 2D context.

I also accidentally implemented recursion 😅

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Added a preview window! You'll get a rough idea of what is being displayed through the viewport of the GIF recorder.

Later when you can specifiy the render Rect this'll be useful for getting the composition you want :)

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