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when the (at this point) inevitable climate crisis takes out all datacenters because they’ll melt or are flooded, you wont have your nft either

knock-on effect of the party: i now have two different shoes in my van pair 😅

the other half is with my other half, imma miss you bro 😔

Highlights from yesterday:

We managed to settle on a concept (lets see if we still think its good after 1 night)

I tried caramel chocolate chip cookies (they’re really good)

Bonded with my teammates (really fun, they’re really nice)

Get seduced by a big white ball o’ fluff

y'all, this is too insane for a sports event, like a fucking environmental hazard for what.. being in the smoke for 5 minutes?

mercedes is looking like every group project in highschool that's due in 12 minutes

Another WIP of the bullethell game where your enemy is a company that pinkwashes in June!

(also all of their employees are rats)

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