Just been thinking there's not enough folk talking about how to be an effective lead - this thread is a great start. :)

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Game development is hard. Leading a team is harder. Leading a multi-discipline team is extra, extra hard.

Here is one process that can help you improve as a lead:


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Wooo! Congrats @YellowCrowGames@twitter.com 🎉

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And our 2022 winner is…

For Hexposure by @YellowCrowGames@twitter.com 🎉🎉🎉

Huge congratulations on winning the big prize of £5K!

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One slight upside I guess, am I right in thinking that if Scotland doesn't implement the removal of the higher rate tax band, more tax revenue will go directly to Scotland without anyone paying more?

Said this yesterday but legit the only explanation I have. Either a significant enough chunk of Gov't has no idea what people are looking for that it drowns out rest, or they know but they don't care.

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@RobinJSS@twitter.com Honestly, I increasingly get the impression that Truss looked at the polls and ran on the basis that the Tories will lose the next election, but she can do one term, extract as much money for her backers and make it as hard as possible to unpick the right-wing push then retire.

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Ahaha not even subtle 🙃

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Aww nice to see that the game we made with @VADundee@twitter.com (but not actually the Dundee one) is still live vam.ac.uk/luxurytime/

Wonder if anyone ever managed to complete the Engraving Glass. 😂

This though, always protect your team. ❤️

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All I'll say about this crunch comment coming from a CEO is that if you employ me as a Lead you better expect me to fight you on anything I believe will burn out my team from crunch. I will fiercely protect my team from going through that.

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Well would you look at that. 😊

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The fabled Credits page has finally been updated!
From us and the community, a huge thank you to everyone involved, who have been (and still are!) making Los Santos an extraordinary place to be!


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Yeeesh doing Heist preps with randoms is consistently a struggle :D missions don't seem that hard to me...

TIL I learned that the Steam reviews for Journey read like missed connections in the newspaper and have fallen for the game all over again. 😭❤

Hey Mastodon, Still here using Social Media in as patchy a manner as ever but not gone!

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All parsers are inaccurate.
All data is dirty.
All statistics are lies.
All models are approximate.

If you stop the world to do it right,
the result will often be more wrong.
There is no end to the weird machine.

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Congrats Team! Game was looking great last I saw it, can't wait to see what you do in Dare. 🎉🎉

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Hey, that's us!

We're so excited to be taking For Hexposure forward to Dare Academy 2022! Can't wait for everyone to see what we have in store for the game! twitter.com/AbertayDare/status

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In Latvia, reading about western countries moving numbers around on spreadsheets and claiming they're supporting Baltic states like they aren't just getting cheap political points at home. 😕Feels bad, at least remember there is a max rows this time: arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20

Legit the creeping normalization of scandal and sleaze is pretty gross. I'm quite sure there was a time when just one of the daily occurrences in No.10 alone would have been enough for a PM to resign. Do people expect this now?

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