Legit the creeping normalization of scandal and sleaze is pretty gross. I'm quite sure there was a time when just one of the daily occurrences in No.10 alone would have been enough for a PM to resign. Do people expect this now?

Puts my 3rd Year Project to shame 😂 Good work team!

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Our prototype of For Hexposure is out on itch.io! Go check it out and share it with all your friends and tell us we did a good job!


🐦🔗: twitter.com/YellowCrowGames/st

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It looks like the US is about to scrap abortion rights.

How is this a thing that's happening? No right is sacred. The fight for rights is never-ending. An exhausting, depressing move and I'm neither a woman nor American. Sorry to my US friends. Please protest this.
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The Supreme Court has voted to strike down Roe v. Wade, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito and obtained by POLITIC…

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Mastodon provides several tools for managing your timeline.

You can add notes to any profile. Why did you follow them? Are they a repeat offender? Remind yourself.

You can disable boosts on a per-user basis. Maybe you want to see a user's posts, but not everything that interests them.

You can temporarily mute an account while they get something out of their system.

You filter out posts with specific words, hashtags or phrases.

And when all else fails: block, unfollow, or mute indefinitely.

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Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

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#SquareEnix has sold Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal & Square Enix Montreal to Embracer Group for just $300M.

This includes 50 IPs (#TombRaider, Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain, Thief) and 1,100 employees.

With the exception of Life is Strange, Outriders, and Square Enix Collective, SE have effectively just sold their Western portfolio.

Square Enix aims to use the funds on #blockchain technology:


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so today i found inventory script by @root, as they put it "Move files like an old text adventure." it's such a cute idea, love it.


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We (people on Masto) typically content warn things that might be upsetting or challenging for other users to look at. A few of things commonly hidden here might surprise you!

*Eye Contact (from people-photos, animals, and art)
*Food (food discussion, and food images, real or art)
*Caps (shouting in all-caps)
*Common phobia things like trypophobia
*Discussion of politics

Be kind, be gentle, be considerate :bear_hugs:

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Long thread of other fediverse platforms 

#FediverseTip Mastodon is not the only fediverse social media platform! It's based on the standard called activitypub, which implements a lot of different use cases mastodon does not! There's a lot of different types of fediverse social media out there, like pixelfed (instagram like) pixelfed.org/ or friendica (facebook like) friendi.ca/ or even peertube (youtube like) joinpeertube.org/en or funkwhale (spotify like) funkwhale.audio/

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New people, welcome to Mastodon and the Fediverse!

Here's how to get started:

1. Find some people to follow over on @FediFollows, and through Trunk (communitywiki.org/trunk)

2. Find out your Mastodon/Fediverse address so you can share it with friends (mstdn.social/@feditips/1072482)

3. Invite people to join you on here by telling them to go to joinmastodon.org and click on "Get Started". It doesn't matter if they join a different server because the servers talk to each other (here's a bit more of an explanation mstdn.social/@feditips/1070214)

4. Find out what the Fediverse is (mstdn.social/@feditips/1070440)

5. Find out why Mastodon being on so many different servers/instances is a really good thing (mstdn.social/@feditips/1070837)

6. If you see anything nasty, you can report it to your friendly server admin (mstdn.social/@feditips/1065401)

7. You can (sort of) verify your account if you own a website (mstdn.social/@feditips/1062741)

If you have any questions, @ me or DM me!

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

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FYI for newbies 

Twitter has algorithms to get you engaged. Mastodon does not. So in order to enjoy Mastodon you have to take some time to reach out and find content and follow folks that you enjoy. Don't expect Mastodon to send you random popular posts to keep you engaged, you have to curate your own feed. But this is good! It gives you control.


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#gamedev people of the UK! have you ever uttered the phrase 'game developers need a union'? well, now we have one! GWU UK is here to level the playing field between games industry workers and their bosses - join us! gwu-uk.org/

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How to find people to follow on Mastodon 

- Search for hashtags and follow people who use them
- Use your local and global timelines for people who have things in common with your instance
- Make sure replies are showing in your timeline to see who the people you follow usually interact with
- Follow someone when a good post is reshared in your timeline
- Go to specific instances and browse their member directory
- Introduce yourself using #introduction, follow back whoever follow you

Have fun!

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Seemed like a good time to diversify my social media holdings for... no reason in particular, lets see what this thing can do. 😊

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