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I had some friends from out of state visit so I took a small break, but I'm ready to get back to learning! Here are two torsos I worked on before and after this past week. The first torso I did from memory. I wanted to make a less muscular sculpt but honestly I just got frustrated and stopped early. Next I did a torso following the digital clay tutorial again. The head on it is a finished sculpt of the 2nd or 3rd head i made last week. Felt weird to not give him a face haha.

Day 11-13 of speedsculpts/anatomy practice. I've moved on to torsos now. I just went ahead and slapped my two favorite heads from my previous sculpts onto these two torsos. The first of these is from following the next part of the digitalclay tutorial series: Parts 3-6. I really appreciate how he breaks down everything into basic shapes. I'm definitely struggling alot more with torsos. They are pretty complicated.

Also here is a timelapse of the previous sculpt I did. I think that is about it for head sculpts from me. I wanna focus on other areas of the body before coming back to heads and seeing how much I've retained. I've definitely learned a lot in the past two weeks. I'm honestly surprised at how effective this study method has been. Simply doing something from reference and then trying to recreate it from memory is extremely effective for building a good eye for form and proportion.

Day 9 & 10 of Speed sculpts. I did another expressive sculpt but this one took about an hour and half. I tried to do a child's head which has different proportions and it was pretty hard. I'm really struggling with character appeal I think. I based that sculpt on this picture: After that I did about a 3 hour sculpt using base proportions cause I felt like I was getting too far off base.

Day 8 of Speed sculpts. Took a small break for Christmas but I plan on jumping back into it. The first head took about 3 hours or so. I was basing it on this portrait: It was good practice for the face features like the nose and ears but I wanna move to faster and more expressive sculpts. That's why I only spent about 30 minutes on the second head sculpt. My next few are gonna be similar. It was fun to do this on a time constraint.

Welp, there is the last day of the 1st week of speed sculpts. This is the first time I've done a likeness. I've only worked from anatomy ref. or concept art before this. Took about 4 hours. This is the image I modeled this after:
I'm happy with how it turned out. I still need a bunch more practice though. This video was really helpful in getting me to think about the shape I was sculpting rather than getting stuck on general anatomy:

Day 4-6 of Anatomy Practice / Speed-Sculpts. I wasn't able to spend as much time as I wanted on this the past few days so I only finished two heads. I tried to add more finishing details but I'm not enthused by how symmetrical and samey they turned out. I really wanna push for more expressive sculpts with more asymmetry. I think I was just too precious about them. I used a reference for the female head but not the male head.

Day 1 & 2 of Anatomy Practice / Speed-Sculpts. Focusing on the head. Took about an hour each. The more finished one took about 2 hours. I was following the wonderful tutorial from the digital clay channel: I expect I'll continue focusing on the head for the rest of the week. and try to get different shapes/expressions.

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