Apple joins Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Mastodon, and others in data-sharing project

The goal is to (finally!) build simple tools to move your photos, posts, contacts, and other data between services.


@chartier hi I am a developer and it *sounds* cool on the surface, but actually reading the thing, mentally replace every instance of “transfer” and “move” with “copy”, and the objective appears to be what nearly all those services pretty much already beg you to do: upload your entire addressbook. the only difference now is I get to export it too? yay?

@chartier this isn’t cool until it’s a self hosted system with a cryptographically secure capability based OS

@chartier the only questionmark is why apple or mastodon are involved. apple’s whole marketing thing now is about preserving privacy, and this is about—- not that.

@zensaiyuki In light of giving us control over our data, I think that is within the scope of Apple’s push for privacy.

Making it worlds easier to move their data between Service A to B, then choose whether to delete themselves from A, is empowering.

Think about someone moving from Twitter to Masto. They could easily bring over all their tweets (some folks care about that), then delete themselves from Twitter.

I think that’s pretty empowering.

@chartier only if “deletint your account” actually means something other than simply hiding it from the public but not removing it from adverising profiles

@zensaiyuki @chartier Thanks to GDPR we already get to completely delete our accounts in the EU if we want. Does the same provision exist for US accounts, given it's technically the same operation for them?

@chrisparsons @chartier thanks to the cloud act, the exact opposite is the case, and the data of any US citizen *must* be retained for law enforcement

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