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One thing I can't work out how to do: get green ticks on my Twitter links...

I made a Docker container that generates other Docker containers, so that pretty much makes me an expert... right?

Ok, so I'm really loving @Mastodon and the Fediverse in general. I'm only following a few people here, but I'm finding myself avoiding Twitter and coming back here. It's just... nicer.

Eventually I suppose that the trolls will come to find a home here, but I have a strong hope the network of moderators will keep on top of this. Here's to a decentralised future!

After 9 months, I am humbled, thankful, excited, speechless, to announce v1.0.0: a procedurally-generated mini-RPG with memory mechanics!

Get it now on Itch: (link: for Windows/Linux!

We are thankful to our Creator for giving us the ability to finally finish!

Feedback/RTs welcome!

If you know anyone working on an ActivityPub project and they need any advice/feedback/help or want to spread the word, tell them to DM me! I am more than willing to help or spread awareness! #activitypub #fediverse

Ok, so the thing about mastodon / Fediverse is: I want to be able to host my own content behind my own name, and I want to be able to change to whatever ActivityPub supporting platform I like at any time. This appears to be hard.

Still working on my unannounced Alexa game - hit a refactoring bump, but now ready to add actual gameplay for farming.

Sign up here if you want to hear about the beta!

Generating a dungeon takes a long time (possibly several seconds) Clicking "N" on the titlescreen and seeing nothing isn't great.

So I added a little message about what dungeon you're about to embark on.

I've re-opened registration on until further notice.

If you're looking for an instance to join that won't close down without at least 1 year notice, feel free to join!


Velocity isn't about measuring the team. It is about having a coarse-grain forecast. -


Currently wondering how to entice my twitter friends to

👋 trying this out. May move at some point. Mostly interested in the technology behind it.

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