Anyone in using private repos for team projects? How does it compare to ? Are artists/designers/non-technical people on your team comfortable using it?

@cidney I'm in a multidisciplinary with frontend-developers and designers (no technical experience) and they're very comfortable with using all the other meta features of gitlab. I think the same would go for gamedev.

@cidney I've been using it with my team for the last couple of years, and it's been good! No day-to-day difference with Github; once I get things setup with my team, we really just interact with it via our git clients.

Supports Git LFS, too!

@cidney Have only used it on small projects without non-technical people. #gitlab has many more features than #github, starting with continuous integration. If you're used to github, you have to relearn a few things, but it's very quick. If you aren't used to either, gitlab shouldn't be harder to learn than github, I'd guess. On top, gitlab is open source, so you can run your own instance if you want.

@cidney we do. We actually had to switch to to size constraints a while back. (Our games are open world, so they are quite large. )

We love it. It works almost exactly like GitHub for us. We also use the built in CI and webhooks to do automated testing and deploys of our rails apps. (Our backend services are built on those frameworks)


@cidney forgot to add: artists are using it. Most of the non tech artists prefer clients like SourceTree or something similar.

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